Ein Brief an alle Träumer

Désirée Burger: Ein Brief an alle TräumerOriginal title (German):

Ein Brief an alle Träumer – Wie unsere Träume
und Visionen wahr werden können

English title translation:

A Letter to all Dreamers – How our Dreams
and Visions May Come True

Contents and description:

This is a truly enchanting book written by the
21-year-old author Désirée Burger who has already
toured many parts of the world, from the Maldives, Australia, Indonesia, and Tunesia to many European countries.
    In her book she tells us: Nobody but us can create our happiness and take the right decisions for our life and our future. We can create our own miracles; and mistakes are the best chances of getting to know ourselves, our aims, our chances, limits and abilities.
    We only have to listen to the `whispering of our heart´, to accept `the power of love´, and to trust our `inner child´ and `the play of life´.

Genre/subject matter:

Non-fiction (self-help, lifestyle, happiness, dreams and visions)

Author: Désirée Burger

About the author:

Désirée Burger is the youngest of six children in her family and was trained to be a PE instructor. Her motto is: `Make the best out of every day!´

Language of the original book: German

Date of publication: October 2002

Number of pages: 85

Format: 14.6 x 21.0 cm

Illustrations: none

Binding: cardboard-bound

German retail price (including VAT): 12.80 EUR

ISBN: 978-3-929480-14-6

All rights available. This title is especially recommended for the publication in other languages and countries as well as for paperback/pocketbook edition, co-production and book clubs.
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