Die Lieblingsfrau

Original title (German):

Die Lieblingsfrau – Ach, der Himmel über mir will die Erde nie berühren, und das Dort ist niemals hier – Roman

English title translation:

The Favourite Woman – Oh, the Sky above me
Can Never Touch the Earth, and There is Never Here.

Contents and description:

Michaele Linder: Die Lieblingsfrau

Michaele Linder tells us the story of an unusual life and a very special love: Juliet is 30 years old when she meets Klaus. He is 30 years older than she – and married for ever. She is going to become his `favourite woman´. She must not be more, and she does not want to be more.
    Juliet likes this relationship as long as she is young and her happiness is bright, here and now, for a few hours, perhaps a day – a happiness that might never have unfolded in everyday life.
    Her relationship is not superficial, but deep and unique, and it is for this reason that one day Juliet does not bear the secrecy any more. Does she want to become old at the side of a man for whom she is nothing but his `favourite woman´? How can she give a new meaning to her life?
    Juliet finds a way to accept her love, but let go what cannot be kept any more ...

Genre/subject matter:
fiction/novel (woman, love and relationships)

Author: Michaele Linder

About the author:

Michaele Linder worked in tourism, banking, and management consultancy. She loves the poems of Erich Fried and the novels of Sándor Marai and admires the paintings of Johannes Vermeer and Henri Toulouse-Lautrec. In 1989 her first book (about bulimia) was published by Deutscher Ärzte Verlag and later on reprinted as a pocketbook edition under licence by Herder Verlag.

Language of the original book: German

Date of publication: March 2005

Number of pages: 154

Format: 14.6 x 21.0 cm

Illustrations: none

Binding: cardboard-bound

German retail price (including VAT): 12.80 EUR

ISBN: 978-3-929480-04-7

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, paperback/pocketbook edition and book clubs.
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