Die graue Kommune

Original title (German):

Die graue Kommune – Eine Alternative zum Leben im Altenheim

English title translation:

The Grey Commune – An Alternative to Living in a Nursing Home

Contents and description:

This book will encourage you to get old and look forward to

Kai Kühn: Die graue Kommune

your retirement!
    While for many of us it seems to be normal to spend our old days in a residential home for the elderly or a nursing home, Kai Kühn's narration `The Grey Commune´ opens up a promising and easily feasible alternative for senior citizens who want to spend their old age in self-determination and dignity.
    Headmaster Kai Kühn is confronted with the problems of people living in nursing homes when his mother and his mother-in-law fall seriously ill and need the care of professional helpers. These experiences get him to develop new ideas how senior citizens can live together and help each other. Together with a group of other seniors, he begins to put his project into practice thus realizing his ideas of a life in self-determination and self-organization. The unavoidable difficulties that go hand in hand with such a step into the unknown are not left unmentioned but are solved in realistic ways.
    This vividly written book can encourage us to venture similar experiments in real life and has a clear message for us: It's worth it to get old!

Genre/subject matter: fiction/novel (life as a senior citizen)

Author: Kai Kühn

About the author:

Kai Kühn, born in 1944, is headmaster of a school in Germany. This is his second book. In 2003, he published a book about his time as a student at a boarding school.

Language of the original book: German

Date of publication: October 2005

Number of pages: 334

Format: 14.6 x 21.0 cm

Illustrations: none

Binding: cardboard-bound

German retail price (including VAT): 14.80 EUR

ISBN: 978-3-929480-06-1

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