Hilfe, mein Kind wird gemobbt!

Original title (German):

Hilfe, mein Kind wird gemobbt! – Anfeindungen erkennen. Helfen – schützen – stärken

English title translation:

Help, my Child is Being Bullied! – Recognizing Hostility – Helping – Protecting – Strengthening

Contents and description:

In our schools and even kindergartens we are faced

Michael Merk: Hilfe, mein Kind wird gemobbt!

with more and more cases of bullying, the more subtle variant of violence which covers such phenomena as threats, molestation, discrimination, intimidation, isolation, ignoring, teasing, taunting, etc. This usually happens in such a way that the victims cannot defend themselves adequately.
    Continuous bullying can mean severe stress and a particularly heavy burden with far-reaching consequences for children and young people who have not yet acquired appropriate social competences to cope with such attacks.
    Michael Merk helps parents and teachers recognize and understand bullying situations, assist young people concerned, strengthen their self-confidence, deal with cases of bullying, and prevent it wherever possible.

Genre/subject matter: non-fiction/self-help (bullying at school and in kindergartens)

Author:  Michael Merk

About the author:

Michael Merk is an engineer. In his job he has repeatedly been confronted with bullying and harassment at work. His wife, who is a teacher, was faced with bullying situations at school and experienced how helpless teachers and parents often are in these situations. Together with his daughter Katja Merk, Michael Merk published a book about harassment at work in 2004.

Language of the original book: German

Date of publication: September 2005

Number of pages: 248

Format: 14.6 x 21.0 cm

Illustrations: 4

Binding: cardboard-bound

German retail price (including VAT): 14.80 EUR

ISBN: 978-3-929480-05-4

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