So finde ich den richtigen Mann ...

Hartmut Becker: So finde ich den richtigen MannOriginal title (German):

So finde ich den richtigen Mann und erobere sein Herz! –
Tipps für Frauen

English title translation:

How to Find the Right Man and Take his Heart –
Tips for Women

Contents and description:

This book shows you how you can at last find the right
man. You will learn ...

– what may be the reasons why you didn´t succeed in the past,
– what the best places and opportunities to meet the right man, including the
   Internet, are,
– what the secret of attraction is and how you can improve your attractivity and
– what you must know about verbal and nonverbal communication,
– how to flirt successfully,
– why open and honest communication is the best way to real love,
– what the secrets of good relationships are
– and how you can even benefit from such weaknesses as shyness or feeling unsure.

This book is a treasury of advice and ideas. Most of the tips are based on the author´s own experiences.

Genre/subject matter:

Non-fiction (psychology, self-help, love and relationships)

Author: Hartmut Becker

About the author:

Hartmut Becker studied philosophy, theology, English literature and linguistics, psychology, and education. He is a teacher at the renowned Deutsche Blindenstudienanstalt (school centre for higher education for the blind and partially sighted) in Marburg in Germany and works as a publisher, author and illustrator of self-help books. So far he has published about 50 books. He has written two books about love and relationships and one book about successful methods of giving up smoking.

Language of the original book: German

Date of publication: May 2011

Number of pages: 240

Format: 14.6 x 21.0 cm

Illustrations: 14 drawings by Hartmut Becker

Binding: cardboard-bound

German retail price (including VAT): 14.80 EUR

ISBN: 978-3-929480-44-3

All rights available. This title is especially recommended for the publication in other languages and countries as well as for paperback/pocketbook edition and book clubs.
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Mr Hartmut Becker

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